• Yamirka Suyi

Never Take on a Sales and Use Tax Audit Alone

Sleuthing your way through a tax audit by yourself is not the same as fixing a leaky faucet or changing your oil. Here are reasons you should seek professional help as soon as you receive a letter from The Department of Revenue:

Auditors do this for a living — you don’t. Seasoned agents have seen your situation many times and know the rules better than you. Even worse, they are under no obligation to teach you the rules. Just like a defendant needs the help of a lawyer in court, you need someone in your corner that knows your rights and understands the correct tax code to apply in correspondence with the auditors.

Too much information can add audit risk. Agents usually have a very little understanding of your business. That is the reason why you should have us by your side on the entrance interview and in every communication with the auditors. Auditors plan how to conduct the audit based on what they find in their entrance interview. That means that if they find a document or hear something you say that sounds suspicious, they can extend the audit to additional areas. Being prepared with the proper support and concise, smart answers to their questions is the best approach to limiting further audit risk.

Relying on an expert gives you peace of mind. Tax audits are never fun, but they don’t have to be pull-your-hair-out stressful. Together, we can map out a plan and take it step-by-step to ensure the best possible outcome. You’ll rest easy knowing your audit situation is being handled by someone with the proper expertise that also has your best interests in mind.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns regarding your tax situation please feel free to call.

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